Victory VAP TKO Gamer Arrow Blazer Vanes -Single

Victory VAP TKO Gamer Arrow Blazer Vanes -Single

Product code: vctrvptkgmrrrwblzrvnssngl-10244


In Store Price: £16.99


Category: Victory Arrows and shafts

Tags: victory archery, vap, tko, arrows

Special Order: Delivery in 2 to 3 weeks

Built for maximum kinetic energy and penetration. MaxxKe technology reduces the twisting force imparted on the arrow during launch to increase kinetic energy and accuracy. Offers a heavier grain weight than the standard VAP arrow shaft. Straightness tolerance of +-.003”. Available in sizes 300 (9.5 GPI), 350 (9.1 GPI), and 400 (8.4 GPI). Factory fletched with Blazer vanes. Includes F nocks and SHOK inserts.

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