KME Axe Sharpening System

KME Axe Sharpening System

Product code: kmxshrpsstm-14513


In Store Price: £139.99


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Produce and maintain true radius convex bevels with a guided system! 


The first guided system designed specifically for axes. Sharpening your axes, hatchets, and hawks has never been so easy. 

Produces true radius convex bevels or standard flat V grinds. 


Patent pending magnetic base holds securely to your axe and can be placed in a variety of positions to sharpen axes, 

hatchets, and hawks of various shapes and sizes. The upper angle guide pivots to work on both sides of the axe. 


Kit includes: 


Instruction manual 


Axe sharpening fixture with magnetic base and pivoting micro adjustable angle guide


Stone carrier (Accepts either guide rod)


A straight guide rod for V grind sharpening


A radius convex guide rod which creates and maintains true convex bevel geometry


1 XXC-100 grit diamond stone (For profiling or repairing damaged edges)


1 Coarse 120 grit aluminum oxide ceramic stone


1 Medium 320 grit aluminum oxide ceramic stone


1 Fine grit hard Arkansas stone


Sharpie marker


Shop rag 


Bottle honing oil 


All in a compact, portable zippered pouch 


NOTE: Additional accessory stones are available on our website. From extremely coarse 50 grit diamond to extra fine stones and strops.


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