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(3 - 6 Weeks)

The T is for Tactical. The Gearhead designers merged the military look and feel into a bow that is a bowhunters dream. These are the bows that we want to hunt with. They are compact, lightweight, versatile and fit in a pack. They are accurate and forgiving with shootability and built like a tank! Perfect for stalking through the nastiest hunting conditions. Awesome for maneuvering between shooting lanes in a tree stand. Imagine using these bows in a ground blind. No more giant bow cases to travel with - grab your Gearhead and go!


The T-series has features that are built into the design. They convert from right to left hand or vice versa. They have multiple locations to mount stabilizers or accessories. The riser has extra tapped locations to mount picatinny rails.  An action camera can even be mounted between the twin riser plates. Gearhead Archery designs value into their bows. Plus, anything that can be put on any other bow, can be installed on a Gearhead!


The T18 is available in a black hard coat anodized, 7075 grade aluminum and 32 layers of quasi-isotropic carbon fiber. The aluminum bow comes with the standard aluminum grip and the carbon bow comes with a carbon grip. Each bow comes with a ST-2 stabilizer mount. Custom Dipping and Gearhead Packs are an additional cost.


Draw weights (lbs): 40/50/60/70

Draw Length (in): 24/25/26/27/28/29

18.50" axle to axle

Aluminum Weight (lbs): 3.10**

Carbon Weight (lbs): 2.70**

Brace Height (in): 7.00"

IBO Speed: 315fps at 29.00" Draw

77 ft-lb Kinetic Energy

* All specs approximate ** Weight shown without accessories

Top speeds up to 325 fps*

• 312 fps w/261 grain Gold Tip Velocity 23” arrow 75 grain tip at 70 lbs 
• 302 fps w/285 grain Gold Tip Velocity 23" arrow 100 grain tip at 70 lbs 
• 283 fps w/350 grain Gold Tip Kinetic 23” arrow 100 grain tip at 70 lbs

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